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The Three Qualities That Make Analog Design Still Alive

Despite the advancement of technology, analog design remains in demand despite the prevalence of digital technology. Today, the use of highly capable computers, machines, and devices are common. While advancements have been present to try and kick analog to the curb, it perseveres. But what aspects of analog design make it great?

1.   Analog Process and Products are Indispensable

First, despite the popularity of digital designs, there are some things that modern technology cannot do for now. One example is the simple task of cursive typography which looks unnatural when done on a computer. Not to mention that manual typography has its natural flowing feel for added personality. Designs made from computers differ a lot compared to the analog process.

The majority of us would always go for sleek and beautifully designed tablets, laptops, or mobile phones, but if these will be of no use when bogged down. A non-working laptop while working will turn you to using old-fashioned pen and paper to take down notes. Even Google designers take courses on how to sketch their designs and ideas on paper before doing their designs online.

Then, switch-mode power supplies still rely on analog design because these cannot be handled by digital electronics. The same goes with high-class amplifiers that convert the analog signal to digital and back again, still rely on analog transistors to amplify them.

2.   The World is Analog

Even with high technology and the availability of digital electronic devices, almost everything that surrounds us is analog. No matter how much progress and how digital can we get, the world still needs analog interference to translate signals to the digital world.

Digital information needs to be moved to analog format at the transmitter t drive the communication channel when transmitting information over long distances. The same happens at the receiver’s end, digital signals need to be processed back to analog format so they can be converted back into digital information.

As the technology evolves and the demand for digital electronics increases, the analog design will also expand, and those analog components are likely to remain important.

3.   Accurate Representation of the Physical World

Sounds are analog. The video we capture and still images are analog. Measuring our heartbeat requires processing analog information. All that we see and hear is analog. The world is analogous, so analog design and signals provide a more accurate characterization of temperature, sound, or light, making an analog design best suited for audio and video transmission.

Apart from these top 3 qualities why analog designs endure, below are their advantages:

  • analog signals are easier to process.
  • analog communication are less sensitive in terms of electrical tolerance
  • uses less bandwidth
  • analog signals have a higher density

There are many reasons why analog is still alive up to these days. Even with the advancements in digital designs, analog is here to stay: Analog signals, processes, and products. Check out ways we implement analog design here at Linear MicroSystems by clicking here!

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