A Breakdown of the Job of an Analog Design Engineer

The job of an analog design engineer is to design the circuitry found in analog electronics. Basically, as electronic engineers, they develop and maintain the circuitry by way of testing and troubleshooting, including the supervision of the manufacturing process in factories and plants.


Responsibilities of an analog design engineer


Everyday electronic devices, such as mobile phones, hearing aids, and microwaves, among others are developed by analog circuit design engineers. He or she must at least have a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering with several years of training experience, state-regulated licensure, and passed an engineering exam.


An analog design engineer is required to have a strong analog and digital background. Therefore, he or she must be responsible for several tasks which include the following.


  • Has to come out with a proper design, which should be a top-to-bottom approach, starting from highest to lowest level of abstraction.
  • The design must be fed in a CAD software for appropriate simulations.
  • The design must be sent for fabrication following the testing of chips in five stages, beginning from the chip to the field level.
  • Must be able to guarantee proper functionality over maintenance, periodic bug checking, updating, and warranty.
  • Conduct brainstorm for new problems and appropriate solutions.
  • Conduct most of their work in laboratories and offices
  • Usually work forty hours per week
  • Often required to work longer hours to meet deadlines


Software skills required


The analog design engineer should also possess skills in the following software applications.

Cadence virtuoso


This software can help in the pre- and post-layout simulations. Moreover, it can aid the analog design engineer in debugging, optimizing, and adding speed, making it a crucial tool. There are online tutorials to learn using this software.




MatLab or Matrix Laboratory has a lot of toolboxes and functions with great importance to the engineer working on the implementation of complex mathematical functions.


Qualities of an analog design engineer


It is important to note that a potential analog design engineer must have strong understanding and command over the fundamentals, particular in analog electronics. That includes a number of qualities that an analog engineer should possess.


  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Killer spirit
  • Perseverance
  • Tap on the current development
  • Liberal mindset


Requirements of an analog design engineer


  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering
  • Holds a state-regulated licensure from a licensing board, such as the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
  • Some states require one to have a bachelor’s degree from Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET) accredited engineering programs
  • At least have four years of training experience as engineer interns or engineers in training
  • Has completed the licensure process as mandated by their state of employment


Overall, the main duties of the analog design engineer is to create and test specific types of circuits that power electronic devices.


This can range in a wide number of uses. However, there is an expected decline in the employment of this profession by 2018-2028 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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