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FAQs on System-on-a-chip

What is System-on-a-chip? SOC is an Integrated Circuit that may contain digital, analog, or mixed-signal functions used in computer or electronic systems. It essentially combines all electronic circuits needed into one single integrated chip. A SOC usually is composed of utility software applications, operating systems, microprocessors or digital signal processors, RAM or ROM, power-on reset […]

General Design Steps for Analog IC Design

Integrated Circuit is the little black chip embedded in an electronic device. This flat black chip or commonly known as a silicon chip, or analog IC, is made of electronic components such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, and others to work together to perform a specific function. Integrated Circuits (ICs) are vital components in telecommunications, automotive, […]

Forecast of the ASIC Chip Market

The importance of the ASIC chip is evident in our daily lives. From the kitchen appliances to transportation, mobile devices, hospital, and medical equipment, ASIC chips are the main components. Over the years, ASIC chips play an immense role in life. The market demands of consumer electronics and mobile devices are growing and that ASIC […]

How Do Integrated Circuits Work

The invention of the integrated circuit (IC) was in 1958, compressing more power into lesser space. A very effective alternative to the buzzing vacuum tubes thousands of times less powerful than the modern laptop and 100 times smaller than the ENIAC in the 1940s.     What Is An Integrated Circuit?   Integrated circuits are […]

System-On-A-Chip And Single Board Computer: Advantages And Disadvantages

A system-on-a-chip incorporates plenty of system components into a single silicon chip. On the other hand, single board computers are an entire computer built on a single circuit board. It also has a memory, microprocessor, and input-output features needed for a functional computer.   Generally, it comprises of a range of peripherals, memory, and an […]