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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the World of Microsystem Manufacturing

The presence of artificial intelligence (AI) has become quite significant in many applications. Most notably in big data analytics, facial recognition software, military equipment, and self-driving cars, among others. What is AI?   AI enables machines to think. It provides the ability of the machine or software application to learn, act, and reason like human […]

How to Debug a Mixed Signal SOC

Chipmakers strictly implement verification and debugging in a typical analog and mixed signal SOC design. This is important for manufacturing companies to save billions of dollars effectively and efficiently.   The designs can have a huge impact on the verification cycle when they become bigger and more complex. In fact, verification engineers often face various […]

Where It All Began: The History of Microsystems and the Semiconductor Industry

The microsystems and semiconductor industry changed the world with innovations and breakthroughs in the fields of aeronautics, automotive, manufacturing, and medicine.   Without this innovation, the world of modern technology will not be the same, from healthcare to cellphones to cars. Thus, the U.S. receives credit for creating the semiconductor.   What are Microsystems?   […]

What Is Digital Signage and How Is System-on-a-Chip(SOC) Involved?

Due to the rising popularity of dynamic digital content, businesses have taken advantage of the benefits of digital signage. Note that digital signage doesn’t always have to be advertisements. That said, digital signage projects require careful planning and professional execution, particularly for projects that are complex in nature. In fact, it requires new technology, like […]

How the ASIC Card Is Made: The Ins And Outs of Fabless Manufacturing

An application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is a microchip made for a particular application. In contrast to general integrated circuits, ASIC cards allow specific actions to take place inside a specific device.   ASIC is a preferred choice because it’s smaller in comparison to multiple interconnected standard products on a PC board. This variability in size […]

Inductive Sensing and Sensor ASIC: What It’s All About

Inductive sensors are intended to calculate the speed or position, particularly in harsh environments. Sensor ASIC can help enhance the sensor’s interface. Nevertheless, the use of this term and technique can be confusing to many engineers. That is since inductive position and speed sensors are available in many different designs, shapes, and sizes. Accordingly, all […]

Linear Microsystems in Healthcare: Ultrasound Machines and ASIC

Ultrasound machines play a major role in healthcare in a variety of ways. Traditionally, ultrasounds are display images for prenatal applications and internal medicine. The use of microsystems and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology in the development of innovative medical and healthcare solutions, like ultrasound technology, helps make this possible. Importance of Ultrasound Technology in […]