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ASIC Chip vs FPGA: Which is Better?

ASIC Chip stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit which is designed for one specific purpose while FPGA is short for Field Programmable Gate Array which can be programmed and reprogrammed to work as per intended design. Comparison between ASIC Chip and FPGA   An ASIC chip cannot change and will function the same throughout its […]

System on a Chip (SOC) or CPU? Which is Better?

System on a Chip or SOC is an electronic circuit board responsible for integrating all the necessary components in electronic and computer systems. The components consist of memory, a central processing unit, wireless radios for Wi-Fi, GPS, FM radio, Bluetooth, and 2G/3G/LTE, and USB controller. These are permanently fastened into the motherboard. While compact, fast, […]

A Breakdown of the Job of an Analog Design Engineer

The job of an analog design engineer is to design the circuitry found in analog electronics. Basically, as electronic engineers, they develop and maintain the circuitry by way of testing and troubleshooting, including the supervision of the manufacturing process in factories and plants.   Responsibilities of an analog design engineer   Everyday electronic devices, such […]

Linear MicroSystems in the Medical World: What ASICs Do for Hearing Aids

Advancement is the medical world can be credited to modern technology, such as the development and integration of linear microsystems. One of the notable microsystems technologies currently is the application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).   Definition of microsystems   In short microsystem is defined as the collection of electronic and electromechanical elements that are reduced in […]

ASIC Chip in The World Of AI: An Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have a basic need for application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips. The ASIC chip allows programming of instructions to operate as an accelerator for simultaneous algorithms.   An ASIC chip basically enables multiple AI algorithms to operate simultaneously without compromise to its computing power. This makes it more advantageous than other […]