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Linear Microsystems in Healthcare: Ultrasound Machines and ASIC

Ultrasound machines play a major role in healthcare in a variety of ways. Traditionally, ultrasounds are display images for prenatal applications and internal medicine. The use of microsystems and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology in the development of innovative medical and healthcare solutions, like ultrasound technology, helps make this possible. Importance of Ultrasound Technology in […]

Why Transparency is Important with Outsource Engineering Companies Working with Mixed-Signal SOC?

Outsource engineers play an important role in the development of technology using mixed-signal SoC. Basically, it is a lot cheaper, and you will get more specialized talents in a variety of ways, and it is easy.   What is transparency?   Transparency in the workplace can breed long-term success. So, with proper implementation, it can […]

Mixed Signal SOC Explained

Most individuals may already be familiar with analog circuits and digital circuits. But there are some designs that integrate both analog and digital in real-life applications. In fact, the use of a mixed-signal System-on-a-Chip (SOC) with sensor ASIC is almost everywhere and present in daily living. Today, mixed-signal devices are available in standard and customized […]

System-on-a-Chip(SOC) Technology and Its Common Uses

System-on-a-Chip(SOC) is popularly used across almost all industries. But despite its widespread use, many are still not familiar with the technology. System-on-a-chip(SOC) is a single Integrated Chip with the components of a normal computer system like Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), and Random Access Memory (RAM). SOC is a single, complete electronic […]

ASIC Cards in Aerospace Engineering

Modern aerospace electronics face challenges in the environment and increased security and production handling requirements. Thus, they have to maintain stringent reliability specifications while conforming to effective business models. This is something that ASIC cards can help with.   The improved efficiency, performance, and safety of new commercial aircraft can be derived from the advanced […]

ASIC Chip Design Flow

Engineers must mimic a tried-and-tested ASIC chip design flow to guarantee successful ASIC design. This should be derived from having a good understanding of ASIC specifications, low power design, and performance, requirements while focusing on achieving the goal of the right time to market. So, what are we talking about? Design specification Architectural design Behavioral […]

The Properties and Design of RF and Mixed Signal ASICs

The development of electronics has greatly enhanced technological capabilities across multiple devices. This led many to wonder about the significance of RF (radio frequency) ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) and mixed signal ASIC’s designs and properties in today’s electronics.   Both technologies have integrated ASICs into the core for better results. For instance, RF ASICs are […]