All about Time of Flight ASIC and Its Future

beingTime of Flight is the measurement of travel time by an object, electromagnetic, or acoustic wave through a medium. From radiation detectors to automotive, the Time of Flight ASIC has come a long way.

Time of Flight ASIC in the Medical Field

The medical field has reaped the benefits of TOF techniques; medical PET or Positron Emission Tomography for medical imaging, using time of light to improve background ratio and spatial resolution.

Time of Flight measurement in PET scanners provide accurate image reconstruction at a lower radiation dose and eliminates the risk of diagnostic error.

Time of Flight ASIC in Modern Day

Today, the use of the Time of Flight technique in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is improving diagnostic and therapy assessment processes for patients in different medical fields.

Over the years several studies have been conducted on the use of Time of Flight ASIC technique and the development of high-resolution PET detectors with high accuracy and timing capabilities. Various ASIC designers and manufacturers have incorporated this method to improve imaging results.

Risk of missed diagnoses and cancer detections are lowering. This is also reducing the required time for data acquisition and the doses of radiation employed. Lower radiation dose equals lower cost.

The advancement of technology and recent ASIC designs allow higher accuracy while streamlining processes at lower costs. Designers and manufacturers have developed the design and production of a range of ASIC solutions used in clinical and medical evaluation.

Bettering performance in this area causes lower radiation doses being exposed to patients, and lowers costs.

Where do I find Time of Flight ASICs?

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