ASIC Chip vs FPGA: Which is Better?

ASIC Chip stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit which is designed for one specific purpose while FPGA is short for Field Programmable Gate Array which can be programmed and reprogrammed to work as per intended design.

Comparison between ASIC Chip and FPGA


  • An ASIC chip cannot change and will function the same throughout its operating life. On the other hand, FPGA can reconfigure while the other parts of the chip remain the same.
  • ASIC is suitable for high volume mass production while FPGA is not.
  • The use of ASIC only requires less power consumption compared to FPGA which is less energy efficient.
  • ASIC runs on higher frequency in contrast to FPGAs limited operating frequency.
  • ASICs are more flexible in comparison to FPGA with limited analog designs.
  • FPGAs are highly suitable for designs that require updates while ASICs are not fitting for applications that need an upgrade.


Choosing between FPGA and ASIC depends on your target market, speed requirement, power necessity, and expected price range. But when working on achieving cost effective with high efficiency and better results, ASIC is the better choice.


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