Linear MicroSystems Success Story: RF Transceiver | ASIC

Over the years, Linear MicroSystems, Inc. has been a part of the success stories of satisfied customers. The RF transceiver is one of our most popular products that brought many successes to business in different industries.

Here, we’ll discuss RF ASIC and RF transceivers and the success stories of customers through the years:

Understanding RF ASIC

RF ASIC is a type of RF Unified Engine that improves the scanning frequency of an RF band. This allows it to offer accurate and efficient real-time analysis. Made with ASIC and RFIC chips, an RF ASIC converts RF energy into I/Q data that analyzes frequency ranges.

Understanding an RF transceiver

A radio frequency (RF) transceiver is basically a type of device that’s capable of sending and receiving radio signals. The device combines the capabilities of both a transmitter and a receiver. So, it’s used in different communication devices like computers, cellphones, walkie-talkies, and radios.

To achieve these functionalities, an RF transceiver needs specially designed circuitry allowing it to switch between transmitter and receiver.

Linear MicroSystems success stories

Being experts in the ASIC industry, we’ve worked with several clients who successfully utilized our products to perfect their own.


Controller for 100G optical communications transmission

One of our success stories is a project for a client who needed a controller for 100G optical communications transmission. This system had features such as the ability to control the transmission of power laser, heaters to tune optical lasers thermally, a 12-bit accuracy pulse width (PWM) output and several 12- and 14-bit DACs.

Programmable inductive proximity control

Another successful project with a client involves a programmable inductive proximity control that featured capabilities like a high switching frequency, the ability to sense all metal targets through phase detection or combined phase shift/amplitude sending, and patented architecture.

It also includes important circuit blocks like ADC, signal modulator, oscillator, short circuit protection, SRAM and nvRAM memories, and embedded microprocessor.

RF transceiver

One of our clients requested an RF transceiver with features such as proprietary linear architecture, an 18 GHz electro-absorption modulator driver, and the capability to be a transmitter and receiver of NRZ data. It’s also dubbed as having the lowest power consumption in the industry.


The products that we’ve developed for some of our clients have been used in different applications such as:

  • Robotics
  • Industrial automation
  • Integrated photonics for 100G optical communications
  • Laser control for integrated photonics used in optical communications systems

Final thoughts

As a leader in ASIC production, Linear MicroSystems has created a wide range of products that have been used for applications in various niches throughout the world.

We take pride in the success stories of our collaborations with customers, and we continue to commit ourselves to helping customers create the best components that they will need for their own businesses.

Linear MicroSystems, Inc. is proud to offer its services worldwide as well as the surrounding areas and cities around our Headquarters in Irvine, CA: Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Anaheim, Orange County, Fullerton, and Los Angeles.