What Is Digital Signage and How Is System-on-a-Chip(SOC) Involved?

Due to the rising popularity of dynamic digital content, businesses have taken advantage of the benefits of digital signage. Note that digital signage doesn’t always have to be advertisements. That said, digital signage projects require careful planning and professional execution, particularly for projects that are complex in nature. In fact, it requires new technology, like system-on-a-chip(SOC), to ensure cost-effectiveness and reliability.


What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage or otherwise called electronic signage refers to the display technology such as LED walls, LCD monitors, and projection to be able to display the message in a more vivid manner. These include directions, digital images, marketing messages, restaurant menus, webpages, and videos.


Moreover, digital signage can function in a variety of settings, including academic buildings, corporate spaces, churches, museums, public spaces, retail stores, restaurants, and sporting arenas primarily to provide marketing, messaging outdoor advertising, and wayfinding.


Basically, digital signage can be useful for carrying internal communication, offering public information, or sharing product information to enhance brand recognition, customer service, and promotions. Moreover, it can greatly influence customer behavior and decision-making, while enhancing consumer experiences via interactive screens.


Several Uses of Digital Signage involving system-on-a-chip(SOC):



  1. Digital signage can help promote events, products, sales, and services.

Service offerings

  1. Businesses can list their service offerings on digital displays in an artistic manner. Such would include auto repair shops, fitness studios, restaurants, salons, signage, and spas.

Inspirational quotes

  1. Since digital signage is not always about advertising, you can still entertain and inspire your potential customers with content with famous quotes.

Interactive forms and games

  1. Users can take advantage of interactive digital signage by being able to play games and subscribe to email newsletters.


There are also other forms of digital signage that can influence people or the target audience to pay attention and respond accordingly. Such would include the following:


    • Social media streams and news
    • Company memos for recognition
    • Calendars and event schedules
    • Maps
    • Directories
    • Emergency messages


How is System-On-A-Chip(SOC) Involved?

The role of system-on-a-chip(SOC) in digital signage technology has become popular in recent years. With this technology, businesses will have the power to reach the target audience in a captivating, entertaining, and vivid manner.


The significance of interactive and large-scale digital signage has been embraced by the business world. Thanks to system-on-a-chip(SOC) digital signage technology, it is possible to have an all-in-one solution instead of having any other external devices or cables to the display.


In recent years, SoC displays have been gaining market share in the digital signage space. In fact, SoC displays are currently being used worldwide in 41% of new digital signage deployments.


The use of system-on-a-chip(SOC) displays has rapidly gained market share in the digital signage space in recent years. In fact, all top display manufacturers provide SOC displays for sale. That said, they are often less expensive than the same professional display without the built-in SOC.


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