Linear Microsystems, Inc. chosen for design development of FM encoding ASIC within an efficient Multi-sensor Readout Architecture for Wearable Devices

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Irvine, CA – September 28, 2020 – Linear MicroSystems, Inc., the fabless semiconductor company providing high-performance RF, Analog, and Mixed-Signal ASICs for a wide range of applications, announced today it was chosen for proprietary design development of an efficient, artifact free Multi-channel EEG Acquisition System FM encoding ASIC.

Using a patented technique, the mixed-signal FM encoding ASIC implements design considerations with the highest priority of quality – SNR/SNDR, assuring minimum phase noise, and maximum varactor linearity.  Other key design considerations include reliability and ruggedness.  The FM encoding ASIC has applications in hearing aids and cochlear implants.  The main use of the ASIC is wearable systems for EEG, ECG, and other electrophysiology signals.  The design properties should lend for operation in both military and hospital use cases.

About Linear MicroSystems, Inc.

LMI is a fabless semiconductor company that provides high-performance RF, analog mixed-signal, and SoC ASICs for a wide range of applications. LMI features a world-class engineering team coupled with in-house production testing capability that allows the company to develop and manufacture industry leading products.

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